We are NEXT Studios.

We are a partnership of experienced entrepreneurs who help visionaries shape their ideas, craft them through a repeatable process, and move them forward with capital and talent.

As the first Benefits (B) Corporation venture studio in Indiana, we provide an alternative to the traditional system. As such, we hold ourselves accountable to both financial success as a business, while supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our community.

We are the studio designed and operated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, with entrepreneurs.

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What is a venture studio?

Studios include a strong ideation and definition function which can create new ideas, or rapidly refine the ideas of new prospects.

Studios apply a repeatable but customizable process directly or partner with outside incubators to help refine ideas into fundable startups.

Studios have an attached fund to add capital and talent to the process and may have partnerships with multiple funding and service providers.

Studios have an enduring relationship with a corporation or entrepreneur, partnering with them to take an idea all the way to a growth company.

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Venture partners, inside and out.

Benefits Corporation

As a pending certified B Corporation, we use proceeds from our Corporate and Community Innovation Partner programs to reduce or eliminate fees for startup companies.

Corporate INTRApreneurs

We help corporations leverage their advantages to disrupt their own industry.

More and more corporations are separating the innovation teams from the main organizations, to shield them from bureaucracy, while protecting the main brand from startup risks.

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Startup ENTREpreneurs

We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you as we take your concept to launch in months.

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to venture studios to partner lean startup methodologies with their industry knowledge to de-risk, avoid failures, and optimize the chance for success.

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By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, with entrepreneurs.

NEXT Studios focuses on people and ideas who disrupt things not for the sake of being disruptive, but in order to make things better.

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Focused on innovation.

NEXT Studios focuses on people and ideas who disrupt things not for the sake of being disruptive, but in order to make things better.

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Your community: your studio.

NEXT Studios operates from startup co-working spaces across Indiana and beyond.

Every community with a startup co-working space can have a Studio.

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Providing service through service providers.

Our team connects your team to a diverse team of local ecosystem partners.

Branding, Marketing & Public Relations

Payroll, Accounting & Legal

Prototyping & Coding

Human Resources &.Recruiting