Our mission is business transformation, community impact, and economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship. Our vision is a world made better by innovation and entrepreneurship for all.

Our passion is discovering what’s next.

NEXT for Organizations

NEXT Innovation:
We help our clients find what's next.

Organizations need experienced innovators with unique skills and tools designed for the new economy to help maintain their edge through times of leadership, industry, and business transformation.

We’re the secret weapon of innovative leaders.

NEXT for Communities

NEXT Communities:
Cultivate your innovators within.

Entrepreneurship can be a catalyst for community impact and economic development, but only if planned for and created in concert with experts.

We're a partner in inclusive and sustainable startup community development.

NEXT for Startup Founders

NEXT Startups:
Enabling entrepreneurship for all.

The traditional venture system excludes many. We develop and run programs and initiatives that bring entrepreneurial support and venture capital to everyone.

We create pathways to business ownership for all.

We're the first Benefits (B) Corporation innovation studio.

We use the resources provided by our clients to offer programs to underserved founder communities at no charge to them. Our clients value the extra impact they make in the world while addressing their own innovation challenges and opportunities.

This is how we hold ourselves accountable as a B-Corp to both financial success as a business, while supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our community.

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