New businesses are key to the future of any community, as nearly all new job roles are created by startups, but getting support for taking to idea a business model that works is the first challenge founders face.

NEXT Discovery Workshop is an proven accelerator program that helps turn the ideas of prospective entrepreneurs into viable startups, and it’s specifically designed for underserved founder communities.

How It Works

The accelerator is seventeen modules delivered through interactive live sessions that help you build a business model from your idea:

We provide ongoing support through additional live virtual coaching modules:

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We help founders craft business models that work.

Hundreds of founders from across America have already taken the first steps toward turning their ideas into new startups through the NEXT Discovery Workshop accelerator

  • "This program really forced me to sit down and DO. I loved that I had to meet some deadlines and really start putting my concept together."

  • "The experience with my group was phenomenal and exactly what I needed as a new entrepreneur."

  • "Every time we were done with sessions, I couldn't believe how much I learned and had to sit with the information a bit before I could move forward to digest it."

  • "Overall, the information in the sessions themselves literally took me from 0 to 100 as an entrepreneur."

  • "I can't spell entrepreneur right, but I know to obsess about the problem, to be lean, know that timing matters, how to fill out and iterate on a lean canvas, all this stuff I didn't know 8 weeks ago."

  • "If I did not participate in this program, I wouldn't have made as much progress in my company as I did."