What Is a Strategic Innovation Example?

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Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Zoom—all of these corporate superstars are excellent examples of strategic innovation in action. We’ve witnessed these companies bring about some of the most exciting transformations in the world as we know it today. From changing the smartphone game to having a name that is synonymous with […]

What Is an Innovative Strategy in Business?

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An innovative strategy is a plan used by businesses to make sure they will stay relevant over time and drive growth. A business that does not have an innovative strategy as part of its core culture and baked into its running will struggle. Developing and implementing innovations can be pushed […]

Innovation Strategy in Business

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Whether we’re talking about coming up with innovative ideas and strategies to launch a new business or to grow an existing business, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of innovation strategy.  Why is it important for businesses to innovate? At a high level, innovative businesses are better-positioned for relevance, differentiation, […]

Characteristics of an Innovator

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Innovators are the driving force behind entrepreneurship and businesses’ products and services development. Without the ability to create and implement new ideas, a business could fall behind its competitors. Consumers want new and improved products, and without an innovative team, it’s difficult for businesses to keep up with demand. According […]

Innovation in Business

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When an entrepreneur starts a new business, innovation is usually at the forefront of their mind—after all, it’s a key determiner of whether the business is going to be successful or not. Once a business is established, though, it’s human nature to become complacent or content with the status quo, […]

Corporate Innovation Consulting

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The early stages of getting a business off the ground or going back to the drawing board ten years in to re-define the company share many similarities. Both budding entrepreneurs and established corporations in these situations must tackle the same messy and complicated beast: innovation. Because innovation is such an […]

We All Play a Role in Building and Innovation Community

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by Courtney Zaugg and Marie Foster-Bruns Who owns innovation in a community? While it most certainly can be developed and encouraged intentionally, it is neither a place nor a building, but instead a mindset centered on entrepreneurship and collaboration. This mindset is essential because it encourages teamwork and removes boundaries. […]

First Hires for Startup

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We didn’t write this post to convince you it’s impossible to make the first hires that will grow your startup to legendary status. But we did write it to give you a foundation in who to hire and hiring best practices. We also hope to inspire the confidence to take your time making hires, even when they’re needed yesterday. Here’s everything you need to know about making the first hires for your startup.

When Should I Hire My Startup Employees?

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There is no one answer to the question “When should I start hiring employees” that works for all startups. The first hire for startups should be when you know exactly what they’ll do all day, and you can’t continue to be successful without it. As you begin working through the steps to take your startup from dream to reality, you will need to think about your startup hiring plan. Although there is no one answer for every startup, we can break it down by looking at what positions are likely to trigger that first hire

How Do Startups Hire First Employees?

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Hiring as a startup is not the same as hiring for an existing company. You will have a unique set of needs and circumstances that dictate who and how you hire. For example, you might be constrained by time or resources, or maybe you need employees with certain characteristics and skills. In the following blog, we are going to look at the ins and outs of how startups hire their first employees.

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