​Types of Entrepreneurship Education: Which is Right for Me?

By John McDonald / January 11, 2022

The American Dream is alive and well—and the future’s especially bright for aspiring entrepreneurs. Even among high school students, there has been a surge of interest in learning the foundational skills needed for a potential entrepreneurial future.  One catalyst for this increased interest among students is inevitably the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

Who Uses Lean Startup?

By Joe Cudby / January 4, 2022

All over the globe, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders use lean startup methods for their businesses. Utilizing lean startup methods can turn a brilliant idea into a stellar product or service. In this piece, we will discuss who can benefit the most from a lean startup plan, and what it can […]

The Benefits of Entrepreneurship Education to Students

By John McDonald / December 28, 2021

Do you want to own your business someday? Do you have a brilliant idea for a product or service but aren’t sure how to turn that into a feasible company? Many people have a goal of becoming an entrepreneur but lack the knowledge and skills to get there. In fact, […]

EdChoice Spotlight: What Does This Mean for the Future of Education and Entrepreneurs?

By Joe Cudby / December 21, 2021

At NextStudios, we’re inspired by EdChoice’s school choice initiative. As a venture studio designed and operated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, and with entrepreneurs, we’re looking forward to working with the next wave of learners-turned-leaders. In this blog, we’re taking a look at EdChoice and how it’s impacting education and entrepreneurship.  […]

What are the Lean Startup Key Principles?

By Joe Cudby / December 16, 2021

Only the best startups go on to become successful companies.  One critical issue that holds startups back is that they sometimes start with a product idea and then invest significant funds into building it before making sure the product works or has a market. More often than not, a startup […]

Entrepreneurship 101: A Lean Canvas Process

By Joe Cudby / November 16, 2021

Taking the leap of faith with your own ideas to create a successful business is not an easy task for anyone. This makes success in the first few steps that much more important. At NEXT Studios we have adopted the LEAN Canvas as the straightforward and consistent way to enable […]

How Do Venture Studios Work?

By Joe Cudby / November 9, 2021

The New Engine of Intentionality in the World Of Startups and Innovation Venture studios provide an innovative approach to funding startups and are creating a big impact. This model of funding entrepreneurs and big ideas continues to grow and evolve. We’re looking at what exactly a venture studio is and […]

How Much Equity Does a Venture Studio Take?

By John McDonald / October 26, 2021

A venture studio, also known as a startup studio or startup foundry, is a company that builds other companies. In exchange for the investment of time, effort, and funding, venture studio companies receive equity in the startups they launch. If the idea of giving a venture studio equity causes you […]

How To Build a Startup

By Joe Cudby / October 19, 2021

We get it. Entrepreneurship is hard. It takes a lot of dedication and planning to get your startup up and running, and it takes even more work to maintain a successful business model. Truthfully, many people get it wrong by failing to prepare properly in the beginning stages of creating […]

Why Do Venture Studios Fail?

By John McDonald / October 12, 2021

The venture studio model has emerged as a valuable resource for startup founders in recent years. 84% of startups accelerated through a venture studio go on to raise a seed round, and 72% of those will also raise a Series A round. Compare this to the 42% of traditionally-founded startups […]

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