NEXT can help your community adapt to great change.

We offer community leaders a series of experiences taken that will help you unleash innovation in your community. You will understand the societal megatrends that are driving innovation, learn about the common barriers to innovation and how they are affecting you, practice human-oriented innovation design thinking, and engage in real startup innovation teams.

"I had no idea that the same principles that help startup companies grow could help our community grow."

NEXT Community Partner


The NEXT Community program is delivered in four modules on-site in your community.

Now What's Next
Examine the megatrends driving innovation.
We'll identify the big forces at work driving change and how they impact you.
What's Keeping You From What's Next
Understanding the barriers to innovation.
We will identify ten common barriers to innovation, and work in small teams to reflect on how they are affecting you.
Design Thinking
Learn and practice human-centered design.
We will generate new ideas using human-centered innovation and learn why it’s used to create all new products and services today.
Discovery Week
Learn and practice designing innovation business models.
You’ll participate as team members in actual startup companies in a cohort, or in innovation teams around internally generated ideas.

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Video by Kelly Lacy from Pexels