Those who help develop the local economy, those who seek impact through philanthropy, and those who start and support new businesses have historically been separate, but now many believe that the future of communities is at their intersection.

This is called Economic Development and Community Impact Through Entrepreneurship, and NEXT Studios is leading the way.

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We wrote a white paper on the transformative innovations that happen when you leverage the power of entrepreneurship to address old problems in new ways.

We believe that all communities, be they geographical or affinity-based, should pursue its potential.

It's called "The Case for Economic Development and Community Impact Through Entrepreneurship," and we'd like you to have a copy.

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A new approach to building a community.

These organizations are working towards a more inclusive, more impactful, and more sustainable future for all.

B Corporation Giveback

Benefits CorporationDoing good by doing well.

As a Benefit Corporation, we return a portion of our NEXT Community work to the support of underserved startup founders. As a client, you provide a double impact: while we help you prepare for what's next, you're helping startup founders realize their dreams.