Being your own boss, calling all the shots, and hustling to hit your goals is the ultimate career goal for many people. But as awesome as being an entrepreneur sounds, it’s also incredibly difficult. How difficult? Startup failure rates were around 90% in 2019.

But there is good news: Starting a company can be one of the most rewarding, exhilarating, and interesting opportunities you’ll ever get. If you’re aware of the risks and you’re ready to learn how to cultivate the skills and qualities of an entrepreneur, read on. 

Finding a course on entrepreneurship can be a great way to get connected to the right networks and understand the steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

What are the best entrepreneurship courses?

What skills do entrepreneurs need to have to be successful? Entrepreneurs need to learn about the process and concept of continuous innovation, how to overcome barriers and hardships, how to be a good leader, and understand the different types of business models. The best entrepreneur courses should have these key elements to them so students can learn all they need to know to be successful in their endeavors. When looking for a course in entrepreneurship, see if it teaches these key fundamentals: 

Megatrends that drive innovation

Find a course that will help you understand and identify the major megatrends that are driving change and innovation. When learning about entrepreneurship, this will help you understand the impact a wide range of industries have.

Common barriers to innovation

Next, look for a course that teaches you the different types and key elements of innovation. Learning to identify and understand the common barriers to innovation is crucial. Working in teams to reflect on how barriers could affect an organization’s success can be crucial information for future entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Human-centered innovation design

A good entrepreneur course will teach you to understand how human-centered innovation design works and why it’s used to create all new products and services today.. Gaining techniques to better understand the problems that can be solved through innovation and apply methods that will help you turn needs into human-centered solutions. Seek out a course that lets you experience and practice ideation techniques to quickly generate, develop and test new ideas, and possess a new set of tools to turn ideas into action.

Designing innovation business models

Find a course that allows you to participate as a team in actual startup companies, cohorts, or innovation teams around internally generated ideas. Learning to understand and use startup tools and models, such as the Lean Canvas and Jobs to be Done, while contributing to the creation of new innovative business models is vital for a successful entrepreneur.

Cultivate your skills with NEXT Studios

At NEXT Studios, we offer a series of experiences taken from our startup studio process that will help you unleash innovation. We offer guides to help you take ideas to products and products to companies.  NEXT U is a workshop style course where participants will advance their careers and build confidence in their skills in innovation, while building connections through collaboration with the community of innovators. Learners will understand why change is necessary, drop barriers to innovation, and equip their teams with tools to turn customer needs into human-centered solutions.

Find more information on NEXT U, here. Interested in learning more about our venture studio? Contact us today.

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