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What Is a Strategic Innovation Example?

Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Zoom—all of these corporate superstars are excellent examples of strategic innovation in action. We’ve witnessed these companies bring about some of the most exciting transformations in the world as we know it today. From changing the smartphone game to having a name that is synonymous with […]

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Innovation Strategy in Business

Whether we’re talking about coming up with innovative ideas and strategies to launch a new business or to grow an existing business, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of innovation strategy.  Why is it important for businesses to innovate? At a high level, innovative businesses are better-positioned for relevance, differentiation, […]

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Characteristics of an Innovator

Innovators are the driving force behind entrepreneurship and businesses’ products and services development. Without the ability to create and implement new ideas, a business could fall behind its competitors. Consumers want new and improved products, and without an innovative team, it’s difficult for businesses to keep up with demand. According […]

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