Our common process. Unique for every company.


In this phase, we will test your idea to ensure it solves a problem your customers are in fact facing, and that your idea can be distributable to others.

Design Thinking

A version of the standard Design Thinking process custom to NEXT Studios to uncover how we are making the lives of users of the proposed product better. Bringing together an idea that has not yet been constructed. 

Exploration Workshop

Used to gather early feedback on your idea from stakeholders and put your idea to the test. In this phase we will gather all information given to see if a return to Design Thinking is needed. 

Customer Prospectus

After crafting a “buyer persona” we will create a sharable document that contains the details of your target market: your value proposition, what other markets they are in and any competition you may have. 

Prototype Agent

Sharing your ideas to where you feel confident in sharing them with others. This will help you to detect, secure and manage service providers to develop your sharable prototype.

Upon completion, the Ideation phase results in a shared understanding amongst the key stakeholders in the concept itself, as well as the intended target market for the product. 


In this phase, we will transform your ideas into a product and/or concept to present to your customers.

MVP Agent

Together with our partners, we create the initial product offering or Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This is a version of your product with just enough features to gather feedback from early adopter customers. Thus, receiving maximum input with minimal risk.

Identity Package

Creates a personality for your product that allows it to stand out from the rest. This will help attract customers to your product or service by showing all that you offer and showcasing it in a positive light.

Managed Pilot

Ensures your product meets customer needs. your early adopter customers will have a chance to test your product after delivering your MVP. Gather feedback from any question or comments they have and collaborate with your team to develop your MVP and GTM. 

Internal Pitch Deck

This deck will allow you to share key information to internal stakeholders. Including but not limited to what your company does, use of funds, protectable market, etc. This will help you obtain support for the launch of your product.

Upon completion, the Product Buildout phase results in an initial minimum viable product that has a degree of market testing, feedback, and launch strategy sufficient for the initial launch.


In this phase, we take the steps towards launching your new startup company based on whatever product or service you are offering.

Go to Market Strategy

Your GTM is a detailed plan on how you intend to deliver and succeed on reaching your target market. The goal is to achieve a competitive advantage in the market and ultimately launch your product or service into the market.

Investor Pitch

Lure in internal investment within this step. Let us coach you on the best information to put forward and how to effectively present to potential investors. 

Execution Planning

Operation plan of your project to prepare for your product launch. We will cover the milestones and tasks for your business to achieve. 


Our number one goal is to see you and your product or concept succeed. ImpleMentors will walk alongside you to help you through the though moments and celebrate with you in all the monumental ones. We will guide, support and share insight with you to propel your success.

Upon completion, the Company Launch phase results in a new startup company with a team focused on selling your concept into your target market.

Transparent capital guidelines.

An area of great mystery, made clear by the Studio team

$10K – $25K

Usually sourced from friends 
and family, sponsorships or internal budgets

$100K – $250K

Usually sourced from angel investors or corporate seed funds
“Series A”

$1M – $2.5M

Usually sourced from small venture capital funds or state startup funds

“Series B+”

$10M – $25M

Usually sourced from venture capital marketplace or private equity