While most people can distinguish a genuine breakthrough from a trivial incremental improvement, knowing what truly changes the game is a major challenge for many organizations who want to deliver on serial innovation.

Experienced entrepreneurs who know how to generate ideas, turn those ideas into products, and craft successful companies created NEXT Studios to help you do the same. As your Corporate Innovation Partner, we will help you find new ideas that are compelling to your customers, create competitive advantage, and set you on a path to serial innovation. 

We don’t just build ideas – we build return on those ideas through successful productization and launching of new businesses.

Let’s discover what’s next.


Ideation is about pressure-testing your idea to make sure it truly solves a problem faced by your customers, and that the idea is sharable with others. We offer four customizable ways to amplify your team’s success with Ideation:

Design Thinking Workshop

Design isn’t about how it works or looks: it’s about how well it solves a problem.

The Design Thinking Workshop generates new ideas by gathering stakeholders and working together through a series of exercises that place our prospective customers and their needs in the center of our thinking. 

It’s used when you don’t yet have a specific idea but are looking to generate some.

Exploration Workshop

Curiosity is at the heart of innovation: questioning “the way we’ve always done it.” 

The Exploration Workshop tests your idea with your prospective customers through a managed dialog. We will organize, execute and summarize their feedback about your idea, and are ready to return to the Design Thinking Workshop to rethink if necessary.  

It’s used to gather early feedback on your idea from stakeholders.

Customer Prospectus

Shared understanding avoids creating a useless solution that solves no problem. 

The Customer Prospectus is a sharable document that describes your target market: buyer personas, your value proposition to them, what markets they are in and who else might be competing with your new offering there. 

It’s used when you want to deeply understand your target customer.

Prototype Agent

If you can’t share the idea with others, they can never understand nor support it. 

The Prototype Agent will help you identify, engage and manage service providers in order to develop your sharable prototype. 

It’s used to share your idea sufficient for sharing with others.


Productization is about turning your idea into something you can offer to customers. We offer four customizable ways to amplify your team’s success with Productization:

MVP Agent

Gather the maximum amount of input from customers with minimal resource at risk.

The MVP Agent will help you identify, engage and manage service providers in order to develop your Minimum Viable Product: a version of your product with just enough features to deploy to early adopter customers for feedback.

It’s used create the first version of your new product.

Identity Package

It’s common for customers to use the same words to describe a product that they use to describe people.

The Identity Package creates a personality for your product in the market, so customers can find and appreciate what you offer. 

It’s used to create the visual identity that attracts customers to your product or service.

Managed Pilot

User feedback and testing is critical to shaping the product and obtaining customer buy-in.

The Managed Pilot will help you select your early adopter customers, deploy the MVP to them, answer questions, gather feedback and communicate with the team developing your MVP and your GTM. 

It’s used to ensure your product meets customer’s needs.

Internal Pitch Deck

Connecting and communicating your product with internal stakeholders is critical to market success. 

The Internal Pitch Deck is the preferred way to share key information to internal stakeholders, including protectable market, team and use of funds. 

It’s used to gather support for launching your product.


Sometimes you want to take that next step and launch a new startup company based on your product or service. We offer four optional, customizable ways to amplify your team’s success with Launch:

GTM Strategy

Delivering an exceptional experience in the marketplace wins customers and their loyalty.

The Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy is a plan that will help you use inside and outside resources to deliver your unique value proposition to your target customers.

It’s used to prepare to launch your product or service into the market.

Investor Pitch

We’ve raised millions from investors at every stage and can show you the best way to organize your story.

We will help you build your investor pitch deck and help coach you through your communications with potential investors. 

It’s used when you want to know how to attract external investment.

Execution Planning

Good execution plans include both the tasks you need to undertake as well as the resources needed to achieve your goals.

As you plan to put your GTM Strategy to work, we’ll help you put together a comprehensive resource and time project plan for execution of your product launch. 

It’s used when you need help building and executing a plan.


Great mentors offer a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

It’s important to have someone to walk alongside you as you execute your strategy and build your success. We offer ImpleMentors who can guide, support and share insights with you to propel your success.