Unleash innovation in your organization.

We offer a series of experiences taken from our startup studio process that will help you unleash innovation in your organization

Learn innovation from experienced innovators
Delivered through a series of experiences distilled from the startup world
Participants receive a certificate of completion
Ongoing innovation support from NEXT

Course Modules


Now What’s Next

Examine the megatrends that are driving innovation.


What’s Keeping You from What’s Next

Understand the common barriers to innovation.


Design Thinking

Learn and practice human-centered innovation design.


Discovery Week

Learn and practice designing innovation business models.

ongoing SUPPORT

The NEXT team continues its support of your innovation transformation after you’ve completed NEXT U. First, we will help you apply for reimbursements or credits for certificate-based professional development training which might be available through government, industry or economic development organizations.

We will then work to connect you with innovation support resources that will continue to feed your innovation transformation.  We will connect you with other parts of the innovation ecosystem, including startup companies and other established innovators to help your business grow. You will also have access to other tools used in the startup studio, including identity workshops and go-to-market strategy sessions.


Participants will advance their careers and build confidence in their skills as innovators, while building connections through collaboration with the community of innovators.  Organizations will understand why change is necessary, drop barriers to innovation, and equip their teams with tools to turn customer needs into human-centered solutions.

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Our Clients
Engage Mentoring
Engage Mentoring’s turnkey, community-based program simplifies the mentoring process and gives clients ways to collaborate and share best practices.
Haptic is a digital workspace that enables individuals and remote teams to connect and collaborate in real-time across a visual canvas.
Selfless.ly is your turnkey corporate philanthropy and giving partner, making corporate social responsibility easy.
We want to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.
Stiletto Agency
Stiletto Agency develops and delivers unique content and immersive experiences in personal safety.
Voxi creates custom platforms that serve as a marketplace for consumers to view, learn, and purchase products they see on screen. Voxi also produces revenue-generating opportunities for movies, shows, networks, music artists, podcasts, and influencers by connecting content creators to brands with a shared target audience.

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