INDIANAPOLIS, IN: NEXT Studios announces an upcoming Discovery Workshop June 14-15 at their offices at 16Tech. The NEXT Studios Discovery Workshop is designed to pressure-test ideas and help entrepreneurs establish a strong foundation for growth, especially if they come from traditionally underserved founder communities. Enrollment is open to anyone with an entrepreneurial idea at no charge to the founder.

Discovery Week is an intense event designed to “pressure test” ideas. Founders learn to identify problems and solutions with their concept, establish key metrics, and identify competitive advantages. Founders will walk away at the end of the intensive with confidence in their ability to take the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey.

“Job growth predominantly originates from new, early stage companies,” states John McDonald, Managing Entrepreneur with NEXT Studios. “Our role is to help founders establish a solid foundation for scalability, and most importantly, sustainability.”

Sponsors for the June Discovery Week include: the Indiana Business Research Center* at the IU Kelley School of Business, the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), and the 16Tech Community Corporation.

“A supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem is vital to economic development,” says Professor Philip T. Powell, Academic Director of the Indiana Business Research Center at IU. “The Kelley School of Business has assisted over 100 founders in Indianapolis with new programming since the pandemic. We look forward to collaborating with NEXT Studios to make Central Indiana a better place for small business success.”

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About NEXT Studios
NEXT Studios is an innovation studio run by practicing entrepreneurs and experienced leaders in the innovation community with a track record of creating innovation wherever they work. NEXT Studios are innovation enablers who know how to help teams remove barriers to innovation, generate new ideas, and turn those ideas into winning offerings. NEXT Studios is Indiana’s first Benefits Corporation (B- Corp) innovation studio.

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