Pulse Analytix and Voxi partner with fellow entrepreneurs to begin journey to build and shape their startups

INDIANAPOLIS – NEXT Studios, the Midwest’s newest venture studio, designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, with entrepreneurs, today announced it has added two new Central Indiana-based startups to its portfolio. Joining NEXT Studios are Pulse Analytix, a digital platform focused on civic oversight, and Voxi which provides data driven product placement.

Led by tech and entrepreneurial veterans Joseph Cudby, Tom Kilcoyne, Shelley Klingerman and John McDonald, the NEXT Studios team is applying its innovative process for helping ideas become products and products become companies to two new startups. As the studio for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, the chances of success are increased through collaboration and providing entrepreneurs the ability to work together with seasoned entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition.

“We are excited to continue to grow our portfolio with these great startups that are empowering consumers and disrupting their industries through the power of data analytics and machine learning,” said Shelley Klingerman, managing partner of NEXT Studios. “We are thrilled to be their partner on their entrepreneurial journey.”

Pulse Analytix was added to the portfolio in November 2020 and is a cloud-based customer service platform that improves transparency, accountability and communication by empowering citizens to notify, track, and review interactions with government agencies, while enabling agencies to monitor, respond and analyze interactions. Lisa Mitchell and Marlin Jackson are a founding team that cares about the community. The seasoned entrepreneurs are driven by their passion to leave the world better than they found it after having cultivated success after coming from humble beginnings.

Voxi, founded by Nathan Miller and added to the portfolio in January 2021, creates custom platforms that serve as a marketplace for consumers to view, learn and purchase products they see on screen. In addition to their work with clients such as Two Chicks and a Hammer, they produce revenue generating opportunities for movies, shows, networks, music artists, podcasts and influencers by connecting content creators to brands with a shared target audience.

“We are excited to be part of the NEXT Studios family. Shelley and their team have already proven to be a great asset with key network connections and expert guidance to help us navigate these unchartered waters,” said Nathan Miller, founder and CEO of Voxi.

NEXT Studios operates from co-working spaces across Indiana. As new innovations can come from anywhere, the Studio enables visionaries from all parts of our State to develop their ideas, and fuel them with talent and capital in their own local communities. To learn more about NEXT Studios and ways they are expanding their partnerships, please visit next-studios.org.

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About NEXT Studios

Founded in 2020, NEXT Studios is a venture studio that is a partnership of experienced entrepreneurs who help visionaries share their ideas, craft them through a repeatable process, and move them forward with capital and talent.  The studio works with entrepreneurs across the state to move their ideas into products and their products into companies.  The studio uses a proven process to reduce the risk for investors and encourage more local investors to get involved in our local innovation economy.

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