NEXT Studios is excited to welcome Nida Ansari as the new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Executive to the innovation studio.

Nida is responsible for expanding the Studio work in corporate innovation, as well as startup company creation. We are looking forward to leveraging her background in innovation management, hardtech and early stage entrepreneurship to advance this work.

Most recently, Nida has worked in venture capital and set up an early-stage hardtech accelerator. Prior, Nida worked in strategy and innovation with startups for companies like Georgia Pacific (Koch Industries) and Westrock. She is now CEO of Karmic Partners, a consultancy that works with innovation districts, startups, and corporate innovation to connect much needed resources in the hardtech space. One of her clients is 16 Tech, the largest innovation district in Indiana, where she serves as a Fractional Chief Innovation Officer.

“Startups, mid-sized corporations, and innovation districts are at the forefront of growing the economy,” said John McDonald, Managing Entrepreneur of NEXT Studios. “We are excited to work with Nida to help them with ideas, plans, and programs to help our communities grow.”

Her work has included managing P&L of product lines globally, leading engineering and operations teams to launch products for large multinationals, some of which are in upwards of 50+ countries.

You can connect with Nida on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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