In partnership with NEXT Studios, EdChoice is pleased to offer the opportunity for education innovators to apply for the fall 2023 cohort of our live virtual no-charge business model accelerator, Discovery Workshop.

The accelerator is eighteen modules delivered through interactive virtual live sessions that help you build a business model from your idea:

At the conclusion, you’ll be invited to a live collaboration event planned for early 2024.

You’ll also get ongoing support through additional modules:

  • "I found all of the information so helpful, and the in-person conference forced me out of
    my comfort zone in the best way possible."

  • "This program really forced me to sit down and DO. I loved that I had to meet some deadlines and really start putting my concept together."

  • "The experience with my group was phenomenal and exactly what I needed as a new entrepreneur."

  • "Every time we were done with sessions, I couldn't believe how much I learned and had to sit with the information a bit before I could move forward to digest it."

  • "Overall, the information in the sessions themselves literally took me from 0 to 100 as an entrepreneur."

  • "I can't spell entrepreneur right, but I know to obsess about the problem, to be lean, know that timing matters, how to fill out and iterate on a lean canvas, all this stuff I didn't know 8 weeks ago."

  • "I appreciated their 'real talk' about being an entrepreneur and how they gave us clear obtainable action items to complete each week."

  • "If I did not participate in this program, I wouldn't have made as much progress in my company as I did."

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EdChoice and NEXT Studios invite you to apply now for Discovery Workshop.