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Defining innovation is harder than it seems. While most people can distinguish a genuine breakthrough from a trivial incremental improvement, knowing what truly changes the game – and perhaps more importantly, how to serially deliver on innovation – is a major challenge for many organizations.

We know that curiosity is at the heart of innovation.

It’s about examining what others have left unexamined. It’s challenging “the way we’ve always done it,” noticing trends that others are missing, and uncovering hidden customer desires.

Experienced entrepreneurs lead NEXT. We know how to generate ideas, turn those ideas into winning offerings, and craft successful business initiatives.

As a client of NEXT Consulting, we will help you find new ideas that are compelling to your customers, create competitive advantage, and set you on a path to serial innovation.

Let’s create what’s NEXT.

Our Areas of Practice

Ideation and Creation

We’ve applied our business experience to the creation of a venture studio and a methodology for turning ideas into products and products into companies. We offer tools and techniques we’ve created for accelerating the process and generating new ideas through design thinking.

Coaching and Mentoring

We offer multiple decades of experience at all stages of business development across every domain of business, including human resources, design and branding, leadership and management, funding and financing, and business operations and planning.

Corporations and Universities

We’ve developed relationships over many years with the leaders
and change agents inside some of America’s largest and most influential institutions, including the innovation and startup functions of some of our largest research universities, all of which could help distance yourself from the competition through innovation.

Budgets and Resources

We’ve helped our customers secure hundreds of millions of dollars to fuel innovative products and companies and built our own innovative hybrid impact fund. We understand how every project begins with securing the resources, either internally or externally, and we know what to do.

Political and Public Policy

We’re active in our government, leading (and in some cases, creating) organizations to educate policymakers in our government and connect them with the innovation ecosystem. From grants to shared research to economic development, we’ve got the connections that can accelerate your innovation success.

Our Clients

Engage Mentoring
Engage Mentoring’s turnkey, community-based program simplifies the mentoring process and gives clients ways to collaborate and share best practices.
Haptic is a digital workspace that enables individuals and remote teams to connect and collaborate in real-time across a visual canvas.
Voxi creates custom platforms that serve as a marketplace for consumers to view, learn, and purchase products they see on screen. Voxi also produces revenue-generating opportunities for movies, shows, networks, music artists, podcasts, and influencers by connecting content creators to brands with a shared target audience.

Our Consultants

Managing Entrepreneur

Joe Cudby

Managing Entrepreneur

Shelley Klingerman

Managing Entrepreneur

Tom Kilcoyne

Managing Entrepreneur

John McDonald

Managing Entrepreneur

Joe Cudby

I have over 20 years of experience in intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial roles.

Originally from England, I have spent the past 25+ years working in technology in Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, D.C. and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana in 2016. 

With a deep technical background, I have worked in and around Cloud (before it was called Cloud), Managed “multi-tenant” Hosting, Professional Services, Product Management and Federal Government Security. 

During my career, I have worked at bootstrapped startups, explosive growth venture funded startups, Private Equity funded scale ups, publicly traded enterprises and the Public Sector where I spent 15 months as CTO with the Indiana State Office Of Technology. 

I am a member of the Indiana Governor’s Executive Council on Cyber Security and I’ve been an active Angel Investor since 2013.

I earned a BA in Business from the UWE, Bristol and a Master of Business Administration from the Smith School at the University of Maryland. I love my wife, 2 adult kids and grandchild, cooking, making bacon, teaching high performance driving and racing cars.  

Managing Entrepreneur

Shelley Klingerman

I’m an executive leader with more than two decades of experience in marketing, brand awareness and project management. At the core of my work is my unwavering commitment to leading my firm, Stiletto Agency, as I focus on teaching everyday vigilance, team building and leadership development.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, I have developed an expertise through my initiatives at the Stiletto Agency as well as the documentary I produced, Terror in American Schools: Are Your Kids Safe?  I frequently speak to groups and train teams looking to increase their situational awareness and provide safety skills for their organization.  In addition, I have opened and sold a women’s boutique, Cocoa Boutique, and co-founded a non-profit for entrepreneurs. 

I most recently served as the Executive Director of Launch Terre Haute, a co-work space and collaborative think tank for business leaders and start-up companies, and also a contract advisor to various startup and legacy companies.

I am the author of Vigilance: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety, Self-Protection Measures, and Countermeasures (2019).  

Managing Entrepreneur

Tom Kilcoyne

I’ve delivered successful exits on five startups over the last twenty years and raised over $100M in capital, so I know what it takes to scale a concept into a growth stage company.

As COO of ClearObject, I helped grow their managed services business, and support the growth of the company into a leader in the Internet of Things, before helping to sell the company to two leading East Coast private equity firms.

Before that I was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Elevate Ventures, where I helped portfolio companies develop and execute funding strategies, and then helped them create strategic business plans. I was also the co-founder and managing partner of NewRoad Partners, a boutique merger and acquisition advisory firm based in Reston, Virginia, where I helped companies devise capital strategies.

I’ve been a three-time CEO of technology companies, first I was the founding CEO for Simplexity, a communications marketplace that was successfully sold to In Phonic, a publicly traded company. Following that, a venture capital firm selected my team and I to turnaround two portfolio companies. Next, I helped sell Red Creek Communications to SonicWALL, a publicly traded, Silicon Valley company. The following year, my team and I led the sale of Veritect, a Northern Virginia-based security company to Red Siren, a privately held company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I was part of a select team at VeriFone, a leading Silicon Valley payment technology company, that created a new Internet payment system, which we ultimately sold to Hewlett Packard for $1.3B. Before that I was an executive in marketing at MCI, Carnation and Oral-B.

I earned an MBA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from The University of Colorado at Boulder.

Managing Entrepreneur

John McDonald

I have over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur, most recently as the founder and CEO of ClearObject, a leading Internet of Things company which successfully exited to private equity in 2019, and at IBM, where I led technical sales for their software development tools brand in New York.

I am a founder and board member of the Indiana Technology & Innovation Association, chairman of the Technology & Innovation Committee of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, a board member of TechPoint, of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and of the Indiana India Business Council. I am also a member of the Social Enterprise Alliance, the advisory council for Hamilton Southeastern Schools, the Workforce Alignment council of Ivy Tech Community College, and the Dean’s Council for the Purdue Polytechnic and President’s Club at Purdue University.

I graduated from Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, and studied business management, computer science, and meteorology before receiving degrees in Software Development and Computer Information Technology from Purdue University at West Lafayette, where I was also the Student Body Vice President and Treasurer.  I was named Purdue’s Distinguished Technology Alumnus in 2007 and Lawrence North’s Distinguished Alumnus in 2017.

I also serve as a lay minister and Director of Worship Arts at Holy Cross Lutheran in Indianapolis and I authored two history books about Indiana, “Flameout” and “Lost Indianapolis.”

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