NEXT Consulting: A better way to build corporate innovation.

We help you turn small ideas into big innovations.

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As experienced entrepreneurs, we’ve been there and done that. What we’ve learned by starting and studying hundreds of startups is that it’s really hard to innovate in a box. Only when you externalize your ideas and work with others do small ideas become big innovations.

That’s why we created NEXT Consulting, a hands-on team of experienced entrepreneurs who apply startup principles to growing ideas inside of companies into great new products and offerings. Because we’ve worked for large companies and started new ones, we know what it takes to help you do the same.

Do as the startups do.

Our Model

A proven approach to building innovation.




Ideation is about pressure-testing your idea to make sure it truly solves a problem faced by your customers, and that the idea is sharable with others.

Productization is about turning your idea into something you can offer to customers.

Sometimes you want to take that next step and launch a new startup company based on your product or service.

Connect your idea to the resources you need.

Our Resources

All you need to build and launch your idea.


We partner with you to deploy our studio team of experienced company builders on to your idea to develop a product-market fit game plan and execute.


We provide connections to capital as your idea progresses through the process, including through our own impact fund.


We produce a custom blueprint for each idea based on our proven startup method. Then we work together to tackle each step until we’re ready to launch.


We leverage our extensive network to help our companies raise money, meet strategic partners, and source talent.

Partnering with the world’s best companies.

Our Clients

Building innovation together with the best.

When you choose NEXT Consulting as your corporate innovation partner, you’ll be joining a group of clients who know that applying startup principles to their internal ideas is the proven way to generate world-class innovation.